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Handyman Services

Repairs, maintenance & labor. Starting at:


Details of Service

  • √ $75 per hour after 1st hour.
  • √ Repairs.
  • √ Maintenance.
  • √ Installations.
  • Assembly.
  • Labor.

More Than A Handyman Company?

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Handyman in Bonita Springs, Florida

Lee County Handyman provides home repair services at fair prices, in Lee County and surrounding areas. Whether you are in need of a handyman to take care of that growing to-do list or you need a complete home remodel, Lee County Handyman is here to serve you. You deserve quality work and that’s what we strive to provide.

pressure washing services

Pressure Washing

Exterior home pressure washing services. Starting at:


Details of Service

  • Walls.
  • √ Driveways.
  • Walkways.
  • √ Roofs.
  • √ Concrete.
  • √ Gutters.
  • Fascia.
  • √ Decks.
  • √ Patios.
paver company

Paver Surfacing

Consult, design & installation. Starting at:


Details of Service

  • √ Per Square Feet.
  • Patios.
  • Walkways.
  • √ Installation.
  • √ Design.
  • Repairs.
  • Labor.
  • Color Selection.
gutter cleaning company

Gutter Cleaning

Clean and inspect gutters & components. Starting at:


Details of Service

  • Remove debris.
  • √ Snake downspouts.
  • √ Damage inspection.
  • √ Provide diagnosis.
  • √ Tighten fasteners.
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Furniture Repair

Clean, inspect & repair furniture. Starting at:


Details of Service

  • √ Furniture.
  • √ Home decor.
  • √ Wood.
  • √ Metal.
  • Lamps.
  • Textiles.
  • Fixtures.
appliance installers

Furniture Assembly

Assembly of home goods & accessories. Starting at:


Details of Service

  • Furniture.
  • √ Appliances.
  • Home Decor.
  • √ Shelves.
  • √ Bikes.
  • √ Hangers.
  • Structures.
Our Handyman Division

Lee County Handyman is the best company to use for all home services in Florida. We offer a wide range of services that can be found as you navigate through our site. To best direct the needs of our customers, we would like to introduce our construction division BCG (Barefoot Construction Group).

Our Construction Division

BCG is a Lee County Handyman company that offers design and construction services for Lee and Collier county homes. We are managed by the same team and provide the same great care.

“Some of the buttons used to navigate the web pages will be a direct link to our BCG website. The search topic will be found on the page you are forward to.”

Our Lee County Handyman email contact is administration@leecountyhandyman.com . There is a contact form located on our contact page that will send any request to us directly by email. We look forward to working with you as we grow with our Bonita Springs, Florida community.

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Handyman Repair Loans

A handyman loan from PayPal may be available for a qualified applicant. Click the finance link below and fill out the form to apply.

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How we serve as a Handyman Company

Our men are licensed, skilled and take pride in all details of their work. We prove this by being on time, on budget and staying on the job until it’s done. Lee County Handyman is a one stop shop for all your home care as well as improvement needs. Give us a call today to learn how we can best serve the needs you have for your home.

handyman services

The Details of Our Handyman Services

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Services for Repair

If your home is in need of repairs, it can be hard for you to find comfort. A bathroom or kitchen that doesn’t work proper can make a home hard to occupy. At Lee County Handyman, we fix any fixture or feature in need of repairs. We are flexible with time and offer 24 hour services.

handyman repair comany
Services for A Handyman

We have the best handymen to help with the list of chores you have for your home. We assist with the items on your list that needs a skill most home owners don’t have. We can help with chores you don’t have the time for or could use an extra hand with. We are time flexible and affordable.

florida remodeling
Services for Remodeling

We have a licensed contractor for the state of Florida on staff that allow us to remodel. We offer the best designs and give construction cost estimates. Our remodel division, BCG will consult your ideas and help you plan for your project. We can make the change you want at the price you want.

moving and packing company southwest florida
Services for Moving

We’re the best moving company to move a home or office. We offer a few plans from a list that can be custom fit to suit all the needs you have for your move. We handle all items with the care that can be expected from professional movers. We’re on time when you need us at the best prices.

florida landscape company
Services for Landscaping

A home’s landscape is best when it’s maintained with features that adds to use. We have a list of services to help with the upkeep of a home’s landscape as well as to create new space. Our services will be all that you need for your landscape. We are there when you need with a great price.

cleaning service lee county
Services for Cleaning

A housekeeper can be the help a home needs when time is hard to come by. Our maids can help you with all of the chores that you seek for your home. We offer a cleaning service to fit your schedule that you can be customize. We offer plans for routine and single cleanings.

At Lee County Handyman we provide a wide list of services to help our customers maintain and improve their homes. We value our customers and offer monthly deals  to further assist with those projects.